The Chonker

A comprehensive dictionary of ↗ PangaeaPanga and ↗ Raysfire’s lingo


~replaces the keyword
separates different senses or contexts
↗p ↗rexternal reference to a quote by PangaeaPanga or Raysfire
(mp)pertaining to multiplayer
(rays)exclusive to Raysfire

action (modifier) changes preceding word to an uncountable noun; for all terms, but usually for those with more than one syllable cheese ~; one-shot Johnson ~; d-boost ~ ↗p; double d-boost ~ ↗p; hold-right ~; a little 10-Coin ~ here; B-flat ~ ↗p; top ~ ↗p; dev block ~ ↗p; a lil Star ~ ↗p; a lil power-up ~ ↗r; a lil 1-Up ~ there ↗p; a lil double jump ~ ↗p; we got some clear pipe ~ ↗p; a lil yoink ~ ↗r; a lil PB ~ ↗r; a little speedrun ~ ↗r → -age → -skies

aesthetics decoration what is this? I think it’s just ~ ↗p

-age (modifier) decorative suffix that changes a term to an uncountable noun; for terms with one syllable that either do not end in a plosive, or that end in a velar plosive, like ‘k’ or ‘g’ life-farmage ↗p; optimal twirlage ↗r → action → -skies → coinage → schmoveage → nannage → fannage → gameage

airball something that misses its target, usually a thrown object or a jump I ~ed that ↗p; that was an ~ ↗p; I am an ~er, dude ↗p; an ~, that’s what that was ↗p → snipe

Alabama beach mouse a (Spiny) Skipsqueak don’t worry, we’ll save the ~, our boi ↗p → our boi

Amazon Delivery Services said when carrying a Crate → box

axe the goal at the end of a castle level → orb

backthrow Andy (rays mp) someone who picks up another player and throws them backwards to give them a disadvantage we got a ~ ↗r; I got to be a ~ ↗r → toxic

baited → jebaited I got so ~ ↗p

banger Superball Flower ~ alert ↗p • a music level wait, is this a ~? ~ level incoming? ↗r • SMB2 Mushroom we got the ~ going ↗r • something bouncing on a music block ~? ↗r ↗r

Banzai William Banzai Bill → Bullet William

Bee Movie Stingby the ~s! ↗p → beeBobble

beeBobble Stingby ~? ↗p; a lil ~ action? ↗p → Bee Movie • said when something is shaking rapidly this guy’s ~ing ↗p; that Wiggler be bobblin’ though ↗p

Bennett Foddy a level where mistakes will result in a (major) loss of progress; usually a vertical level ~s; ~ level; we’re playing ~s; a little bit of some ~s action ↗p

best level an uninteresting level; usually either a trivial short level or a tedious long level ~ I’ve ever played; ~ of my life

Big Bang Theory (rays) being laughed at by the laughter sound effect; referencing canned laughter in tv shows he got ~d ↗r; I got ~d ↗r

big boot guy Goomba Shoe ~! ↗r ↗r; I’m a ~ ↗r; wait a minute, boot level? ~! ↗r → boot

big-boi very big we hit ’em with the ~ jukes ↗p

bingo a game where there’s a 5×5 grid of tasks and the goal is to accomplish the majority, or get three lines of accomplished tasks, before the other player does • said when accomplishing a task from a bingo game, outside of bingo yo, ~? ↗p

bitrate said when many elements are moving on screen, such as intense visual effects, causing a drop in video quality due to a limited bitrate it was a ~ killer, probably ↗p; yo, ~ killer, anybody? ↗p → refreshing level

BJR Bowser Jr. defeat a ~ ↗p; ~! ↗p

blank said as replacement for a kanji when Panga doesn’t know its pronunciation when reading a Japanese level title out loud ~ ~ no ~ ~ ↗p

block a block; pronounced with a dark ‘o’ sound; usually spelt like ‘bloq’ ↗p → box ~! ↗p; what’s in the ~s ↗r; hit the ~ ↗r; we are on the ~ ↗r; fully expected to get coin ~d there ↗p; you have to wait so long for the blinky ~s ↗p; Blink ~ Base ↗p; a little bit of invisible ~ finding ↗p; once you take the Warp ~, then don’t mess up ↗p; why did they put the ~s there? ↗r; ~s don’t respawn, unless it’s a vine ~ ↗p • question mark ~; POW ~ ↗r; I do like how the cloud ~s have goggles ↗p → skull block → snake block → note block

Bloopa Blooper the ~! ↗r; ~s! ↗p; ~, what are you doing here? ↗r ↗r; ~, what are you doing there? ↗p

Bloseph (usually plural) Twister ~! ↗p; not the ~s ↗p ↗p, anything but the ~s ↗p → Blowey Joey → Joseph

Blowey Joey Twister I hate ~s, dude ↗p → Bloseph → Joseph

blow up → explode why do people ~? ↗r

bomb excavation when a large number of breakable blocks need to be destroyed through the use of bombs in order to proceed, this could be either Link’s bombs or Bob-Ombs; sometimes said sarcastically when there’s just one bomb ↗p yo, ~? ↗p; this is some creative use of ~ ↗p; this level doesn’t seem bad, it has ~, but it’s not excessive ↗p → Link tutorial

bonk a loss of momentum caused by a collision with a solid object tactical ~ ↗p • stomping an enemy if I can ~ him somehow, then I’m out of here ↗p

bons Dry Bones defeat all twenty ~ ↗p; woah, the ~es! ↗p; that’s a lot of ~, man ↗r • ~ shell ↗p Dry Bones Shell • ~ fish; he’s throwing ~es ↗p Fish Bone • I felt it in my ~ ↗p • the bones that Dry Bones throw in Super Mario World style can you stop throwing ~es? ↗p

bonz → bons

Boo disliking a level; Panga tends to do this when levels are poorly designed or intentionally misleading, or containing dev paths • double ~ ↗p ↗p; triple ~ an especially bad level; a symbolical extra Boo, since you can only give a Boo once on a level → Like → Meh

boomer Boomerang power-up → we get to play as a

boost (mp) to bounce on top of another player’s head to gain more height we got a little ~ there ↗r; she ~ed me in ↗r; oh! the ~ ↗r → boosties → cheese

boosties → boost

boot a Goomba Shoe; sometimes a Stiletto in the ~, out of the ~ ↗r → big boot guy

bop said when hitting or bouncing on something so it’s right here, ~ ↗p; so we go ~ ↗p; you go ~ ↗p ↗p → bonk

box any box-shaped object, sometimes a block; pronounced with a dark ‘o’ sound hit the block, what’s in the ~ ↗r → block • a Warp Box into the ~ ↗r ↗r ↗r ↗r • a Cannon Box now we’re a ~ ↗p • a Crate I guess we can use this ~ ↗p; now we can get all the ~es ↗p

bringing sth the distance → distance

Bro (usually plural) Hammer Bro, Sledge Bro, or Fire Bro not the ~s ↗p ↗p; you had to put in the ~s?; what’s with all the levels with ~s all of a sudden? every level has a ~ ↗p

Bros. vs. Todds (mp) when, in a co-op match in the flobbies, a custom 2-v-2 is played; two teams are formed: one of Mario and Luigi (Bros.), one of Toad and Toadette (Todds); the extra rule is that you are allowed to teleport to your teammate; the first team of which one reaches the goal, wins → Toads vs. Bros. → flobbies

Brother → Bro

bubkes nothing we get ~! ↗r; ~? ↗p; and that’s ~, let me tell you ↗r

buddy used to address enemies what’s up, ~? ↗p; sorry, ~ → our boi

Bullet William Bullet Bill • a Bullet Bill Mask ooh, I’m a ~! ↗r → Banzai William

Bum Bum Boom Boom ~? ↗r; it’s a ~ in our room ↗p → Pom Poms in your area

cake a secret to be found in Mario Maker anniversary levels → true ending

calculated said when things perfectly come together, as if it were calculated in advance ~? ↗p; I ended up with one coin, though, that’s not ~ ↗p → optimal → tactical

cape nash Cape Feather → check nash

cc (rays) clear condition there’s a ~ ↗r; got the ~ here ↗r; he doesn’t have the ~ ↗r; I ruined the ~ ↗r → clear con

Ceave Gaming a contraption using mechanics in a smart way; is a popular YouTuber known for his creative use of complex contraptions we just had to whip up a quick little ~ action here ↗p; we got some more ~ mechanics here ↗p; now you’re gonna get ~ comeback ↗p; it’s got the mechanisms, you can see the ~ ↗p

certified typical; a symbolical seal of approval of typicalness ~ Meh; ~ lag moment ↗r; ~ little Timmy ↗p; ~ orb ↗r

chair said when Panga slides out of his chair to let it ‘play’ an auto level ~ gameplay

check nash checkpoint we got a ~ ↗p; quick lil ~ ↗p → cape nash → check nation → checks and balances

check nation checkpoint ~! ↗p → check nash

checked (rays) to have obtained a checkpoint we’re ~ ↗r → checked up → checkied up

checked up to have obtained a checkpoint we’re ~ → check nash → checkie

checkie checkpoint got the ~ ↗r → check nash

checkied up (rays) to have obtained a checkpoint we are ~ ↗r ↗r → checkie → checked up

checks and balances checkpoint ~! ↗p; we got the ~ goin’ ↗p → check nash

cheese shortcuts or skips unintended by the level creator ~ potential; ~ action; we’re doing a little ~ies ↗p → action → -ies

chonker something large that’s a ~, dude ↗p • large now we go ~ fire ↗p; it definitely looks like a ~ level ↗p → lengther → Coconut Mall • Big Mushroom or another ~ ↗p; are you exactly one and a half width as ~? ↗p → chonky → huge → thicc → wide

chonky Big Mushroom we get to be ~! → thicc → huge → wide • this lag kinda ~, dude ↗p (mp) there is a lot of lag → McDonald’s

claw a Claw not the ~; creative use of the ~ ↗p • gripping the controller such that multiple fingers are on top, allowing for more advanced button input combinations we’re bringing out the ~

clear con clear condition → cc

clinical (rays) clean; smooth; without hesitations or mistakes that was ~ stuff ↗r; that was a ~ performance ↗r

Coconut Mall said when a level is long and uninteresting; Panga makes a timelapse of these levels when uploading it to YouTube, putting Coconut Mall from Mario Kart Wii as background music is this a certified ~? ↗p; is this a ~er? ↗p; this might be, as we like to call, a ~er ↗p

coinage coins; usually a lot of them now we get all these ~ ↗r; we’re getting mad ~ ↗r; got the ~ ↗r → -age → fans → juice • a pink coin ~ for the fans ↗p

coming in hot when an object or player is quickly approaching Luigi’s ~ ↗p; Toad was coming in mad hot ↗r; I’m sorry, he came in too hot ↗r; dude, Toadette was ~ ↗r; that guy was coming back hot ↗p

comments the comments on a level goodbye, ~ ↗p → commenters → homie

commenters the people who write comments on a level • goodbye, ~ • said when turning off the visibility of comments, when they clutter the screen and obstruct important level elements homie ~ → homie → comments

commit → send I didn’t fully ~; you gotta ~ on these ↗r

connect-four (mp) said when there’s no lag, which means all four players have a fresh internet connection this connection, though, a ~ ↗p; it’s a good ~ here ↗p

contribute → group project Toddette, you gotta ~! ↗p

cracked (rays) playing very well dude, this Toad is kinda ~, though ↗r; I’m actually kinda ~ ↗r out of my mind ↗r → gaming → nutter • awesome this level is actually kinda ~ ↗r; this level seems actually kinda ~ ↗r

creative a level with original ideas; often following the formula a ~ level, what the heck?; could be ~, though ↗p; ~ Bum Bum fight, too ↗p; this is extremely ~, what the heck ↗p; this looks ~! I said it, am I gonna regret it? ↗p → formula

Cronchwrap Supreme → Crunchwrap Supreme that would’ve been bad if I got ~d there ↗p; or if you get ~d ↗p

Crunchwrap Supreme getting crushed by a moving object, such as a Thwomp or a block I got ~d; → Cronchwrap Supreme

damage-boost → d-boost

d-boost taking damage to get i-frames in order to complete a section more easily ~ Andy; tactical ~ ↗p → i-frame → tactical

dc (mp) disconnect someone’s gonna ~ here ↗p

D-colon expresses surprise; the D: emoticon looks like it has its mouth wide open ~! ↗p; Yoshman, no! that’s a ~ ↗p → D-coloner • digging through clouds with the SMB2 Mushroom ~! ↗p; I’m gonna ~ those blocks ↗p; we’ve got some ~s ↗p • said when Panga swears don’t ~ me ↗p; also, ~ ↗p

D-coloner a bummer that’s a ~ ↗p → D-colon

deleted → destroyed

Desert Bus (usually) a snake block; referencing a game where you have to constantly pay attention for a long time ~ action ↗p; we got the ~ here ↗p; it’s another ~er ↗p → snake block

destroyed bested; defeated by a level element or another player Todd just got ~; → deleted

dev a hidden level element only intended to be known by the level developer themselves, that facilitates beating (a section of) the level • ~ block a hidden block, usually with a power-up like a Star, a vine to another section, or an element that completes a clear condition • ~ route; ~ path a hidden path that skips (a section of) the level, usually accessible via an invisible block tower → homie

dip (rays) speed a little more ~ on the chip ↗r → overdip

distance going the ~ traversing a long distance • bringing sth the ~ bringing an item a long distance • making the ~ ↗p to reach something from a long distance

DLC optional • ~ content ↗p optional rewards, such as 1-Ups, coins and power-ups, usually in a separate room; often requires extra effort to obtain → juice • did he get ~’d? ↗r; ~ moment ↗r; I keep getting ~d! ↗p (usually mp) to receive DLC as a reward, whereas you thought your progress was mandatory for clearing the level; to get distracted from the main path • ~ fight ↗p a boss fight where the boss has no key, making it useless to fight against it

doggo Chain Chomp ~! ↗p; not the ~s ↗p; we have to murder the ~? ↗p

donut (rays) a Bumper not the ~ ↗r

double Boo → Boo as usual, it gets the ~: fuck your dumb level ↗p

double Like → Like we should give out ~s ↗p; that was a ~ ↗p; ~? ↗p

download → technology I ~ed the info ↗p

downtown from ~; a shot from ~ an item that hits a target from a long distance • destroyed from ~ absolutely destroyed → destroyed • from far in advance predicted from ~ ↗r • I’m making my way ~ ↗p I’m making progress

drainer a level that takes many lives, usually in Endless mode → juicer

drop spring ~; POW ~; dropping an item and landing on it in mid-air; usually to jump off of it and reach a greater height, which is a precise trick • when a button input is dropped, it is ignored by the game my ~ed wall jump! ↗p → eat

dropping (rays) said when players are dying or giving up in quick succession they’re ~ like flies ↗r ↗r; they’re ~ like hot cakes out here ↗r → flies → hot cakes

dub (mp) the win; short for ‘W’ ~skie ↗r; easy ~ ↗r; we’ve secured the ~ ↗p; incoming ~, ~ nation ↗r; I told you I’d just go and steal the ~s ↗p; alright, got the ~, pretty good ↗r; this is a Raysfire ~ ↗r → W → -skies

duck twirl (usually plural) a precise trick in New Soup consisting of ducking, performing a short jump, and twirling to fit through small gaps with a low ceiling → New Soup → tech

dumper a door or pipe that directly dumps you onto the goal at the end it’s a ~ ↗p ↗p ↗p; I do see there’s ~ potential ↗r • a pipe that dispenses is this a ~? ↗p • a pipe that drops you from a large height it’s a ~ ↗p

eat when an button input is eaten, it is ignored by the game, which usually happens with bouncing objects or with lag in online play everything got eaten ↗p → drop

enlarged Bum Bum a large Boom Boom it’s an ~! ↗p → Bum Bum

equalizer → flowchart → great equalizer the ~? ↗r; this is definitely an ~ ↗r

-erino decorative suffix; for terms with one syllable that end in a ‘p’ or ‘k’ → ripperino → -skies → -age

esthetics → aesthetics

explode (rays mp) an instant death in place caused by starting over and then this dude just walks up and ~s ↗r → blow up

fannage said when obtaining juice; often 10-, 30-, and 50-Coins ~? ↗p ↗p; a lil ~ maybe, question mark? ↗p; a lil ~ action ↗p → juice • the fans themselves don’t worry, ~ ↗p → fans

fans addressing the fans when collecting rewards like coin medallions and 1-Ups gotchu, ~; you always gotta appease the ~ ↗p; sorry, ~ ↗p → for the fans → fannage → tuber → Twitcher

feller Propeller Mushroom ~ stocks, ~ stocks on the rise ↗p; big ~ guy ↗r; now is the time to invest in stonks, ~ stonks, that is ↗r; ~ for the fans, you love to see it ↗r → invest

fifty 50-Coin there’s a bunch of ~s up there ↗p; there’s a severe lack of ~s ↗p → thirty → ten

finagle using tricky movement to obtain something she almost hit me with the ~ there ↗r; ~d! ↗r ↗r ↗r ↗r ↗r; that guy almost pulled the ~ ↗r; was that a ~, dude? ↗r → schmove → yoink • to get destroyed my car got ~d ↗r

first-try holeage → holeage

five years a very long time I have to wait ~ ↗p → ten years

fivehead clever; a wordplay on ‘forehead’ ~ play ↗p; ~ technology ↗r ↗r • to outsmart did I just ~ that? ↗r

flaccid disappointing; weak ~ throw ↗p • ~ stairs ↗p bonking on stairs → perfect stairs • ~ ending the regular ending of a level, without any bonus rewards → true ending • ~ jump ↗r an unintentionally short jump, usually with bouncy objects, such as note blocks, boots, bons, bumpers → note block → boot → bons → donut • losing a Big Mushroom, the opposite of thicc back to being ~ ↗p • easy; the opposite of hard it’s not hard, it’s ~ ↗p

flickshot hitting a target by turning around for a split second what a ~! ↗p; ~, 180, boom ↗p → snipe → what a shot

flies → dropping → hot cakes they’re falling like ~ ↗r

flobbies (mp) friend lobbies; a room where you can only enter with a passcode

flowchart (rays) an unavoidable obstacle for all players that allows slower players to catch up; usually a boss fight ~ moment ↗r ↗r; double ~ ↗r → equalizer → great equalizer

flub to mess up he ~ed it! ↗r; and now I’m gonna get there and ~ the reclaimer ↗p • a mess-up I had a little ~ there ↗r; big ~ moment ↗r → tech flub → throw

flurp (rays) the poison we could get purple ~ed here ↗r; ah, the ~ ↗r → grape

flying saucer a Boom Boom with wings in the Super Mario 3D World game style, which floats in the air while spinning he’s a ~, dude ↗p; Bum Bum is a ~ out here ↗p → Bum Bum

for the fans to do something because the fans like it 10-Coin ~ ↗r; got the double 50-Coin ~ ↗r; a 50 ~? ↗p; one more time ~ ↗p; Happy Meal ~ ↗r; feller ~, you love to see it ↗r; a death ~ ↗r → fans

formula the general guideline for good level design: taking an idea and using it in different ways ↗p the ~! ↗p; this guy’s following the ~ ↗p; the ~ is at work; the ~ in action ↗p; they know the ~, they changed it up ↗p; they know about the ~ ↗p; these guys are really bringing out the ~ ↗p; introduces a theme ↗p; this level definitely knows how to use the ~, using the Goomba in different, creative ways ↗p; I don’t know why I keep describing the ~ ↗p → creative

four-laner (mp) a style of versus levels where all players speedrun the same obstacle course in parallel, consisting of many hurdles that only expert players can clear quickly, often tough New Soup tech oh, it’s a ~ ↗r, these are one of my strong points as a gamer ↗r → New Soup → tech

from the top row from high up BJR ~ ↗p; we’re sending it ~ ↗p

gameage (rays) gaming; winning impressively, usually in versus ~ ↗r ↗r; optimal ~ ↗r → gaming → -age

gamer → gaming → playing video games I’m a ~; ~ moment ↗r; big ~ moment ↗r ↗r; epic ~ moment ↗r; quick ~ moment ↗r; we gotta go ~ mode here ↗r • an enemy that plays very well wow, what a ~! ↗p

gaming playing very well ~! ↗r ↗r; ~? ~! ↗r; ~ acquired ↗r; ~! we’ve done it ↗r; we’re actually ~; big ~ ↗r ↗r; big ~ moment ↗p; small ~ ↗r → playing video games

gang (mp) all people in the match • the ~’s all here ↗p everyone is at the flagpole

garbo a terrible level; usually containing tons of randomly placed enemies, dev routes, or pick-a-paths it’s just the fact that this game has so much hot ~ ↗p; you just get a lot of hot ~ ↗p → little Timmy → dev → pick-a-path

get DLC’d → DLC

gg good game; well played → gl hf • over it was all ~skies from there ↗p → ovaries

gl good luck → gl hf

gl hf good luck, have fun ~ ↗p → gl → gg

goal tape the moving white bar of the goal in the Super Mario World style → orb

going the distance → distance I’m ~, mom ↗r

Gomba a Goomba your friend ~ ↗p; there’s two ~s now ↗p

gp (rays) ground pound we got him on the ~ ↗r; a three-man ~ ↗r; we got the old ~ into dub combo ↗r

grape ~ soda ↗p; toxic ~ soda ↗p; ~ juice the poison in night-jungle-themed levels → prego

great equalizer → flowchart → equalizer

gremlin a player behaving in a mean way towards others one of these ~s that don’t even beat their own levels ↗p (mp) a player who prioritizes countering others, often a stream sniper ↗r → toxic

group project (mp) a level where multiple things need to be done in order to proceed; many people will contribute to this goal in parallel, whereas only one person can take the win, which leads to situations that feel unfair; some people might not contribute at all and try to profit off of others’ work this is a ~ level ↗p → red coin extravaganza → contribute

hackermans fast typing on the on-screen keyboard ~! ↗p; this is ~, dude, I’m typing like five words per minute ↗p • (rays) to use the program I’m gonna go ~ on this ↗r → program

haircut said when the sprites of an enemy and the player shave past each other, while they do not interact because their hitboxes don’t touch I got a ~ right there ↗p ↗p; I gave it a ~ ↗p; I think Luigi just got a ~ by those things ↗r

Happy Meal Propeller Box we get to play as a ~; ~ time; ~ for the fans ↗r

heck exclamation of frustration ~! ↗p → D-colon

hello lois a former low-effort level creator who makes levels with memes, such as Family Guy and Among Us

hold-right simulator → hold-righter ~ ↗r, here we go ↗r; hold-right action; hold-right adventure • hold-left action said when there’s a part where you hold left in a mostly hold-right level • hold-down simulator ↗r a section where you only need to hold down

hold-righter a level where holding right and dashing is a constant, disregarding the jump and Z buttons that’s not a ~! ↗p

holeage cleanly going through a narrow gap ~! ↗p; first-try ~; I ~d when I didn’t want to ↗p; how did I ~ that? ↗p; why is ~ so hard, man ↗p → thread the needle

holy buckets (rays) an exclamation of amazement we made it happen, ~, dude ↗r; I’m gaming, dude, ~ ↗r

homie ~ 1-Ups; the pre ~ 1-Up ↗p three 1-Ups as a courteous gesture towards players for when the level appears in an Endless run → juice • ~s; ~ comments; it’s for the ~s ↗p courteous players, and the comments they make, exposing or explaining hidden or complicated level elements, such as dev routes or dev blocks → dev

hops when a Koopaling or Bowser Jr. has the hops, they jump high, or they dodge attacks by hopping back and forth he’s got the ~; Iggy’s got the ~ ↗p; Ludwig’s got the ~ ↗p → juke → James Harden

hot cakes → dropping

hot garbo → garbo

huge a big development this is ~ • Big Mushroom → chonky → thicc → wide

I can’t believe you’ve done this exclamation of disappointment; referencing a popular YouTube video ~! ↗p ↗p

-ies → -skies

i-frame the seconds of invincibility after taking damage ~ it! ↗r; wait, you can just ~ it ↗r → i-frame Johnson

i-frame Johnson making use of i-frames to clear a section of a level more easily ~! ↗r; ~? ↗r; he had the ~ on his side ↗p; ~ making an appearance ↗r → i-frame → d-boost

in shambles when a situation is in shambles, it is unrecoverable, hopeless or disappointing everything is ~, dude; oh! it’s ~ ↗r; we are ~ out here at Raysfire HQ ↗r → predicament → ovaries

indicator level elements, usually tracks or P-blocks, that indicate what the player should do in a situation where this isn’t immediately apparent good indication ↗p → zee

intel intelligence; valuable information now we have the ~; we have ~ on this ↗r

invest to obtain a feller; whenever the feller proves to be useful, its stocks are on the rise → feller

issues we’re having ~ here we’re experiencing difficulties → troubles

Jack Black Bowser; referencing his role in the upcoming Mario movie

James Harden Iggy; (also) other Koopalings when they hop backwards, dodging an attack from the player ~ step-back; not the ~s! ↗p; BJR fight? no, it’s ~! ↗p → hops

Japanese New Soup → New Soup bro, that’s the fourth ~, most likely speedrun, level in a row ↗p

jebait tricked into doing something that has negative consequences I got ~ed so hard; major ~; you put it in a proper position to ~ people ↗p → jebaiter

jebaited → jebait just kidding, I got ~ ↗p

jebaiter a Thwomp with a parachute; its parachute only appears once it starts moving, forcing the player to guess whether it has one before riding on it, and causing them to overshoot their jump when it doesn’t ~? not a ~! ↗p; now it’s a fun game of ‘is it a ~ or not a ~↗p → jebaited

jinx to mess up I ~ed it ↗r; I ~ed myself ↗r; I’m not gonna ~ it ↗p → scuffed

Joseph Twister right next to the ~ ↗r; I need the ~ to get out of the way, he’s kinda hecking me, to be honest ↗r → Blowey Joey → Bloseph

joshed tricked, usually into doing something useless or optional we got ~ → jebaited

juice 1-Ups and coins we got the ~; they give you the ~ ↗p; a little bit of some ~ ↗p; get some ~ while I’m here ↗p; there is no such thing as too much ~, always be on the hunt for more juice ↗r → juicer • man-made ~ ↗p 1-Ups that the player has to care for themselves, e.g. by using some infinite 1-Up trick • (rays) speed I needed a little more ~ there ↗r → dip

juicer a level that gives three lives, usually in Endless three-life ~ ↗p; anti-~ ↗p → drainer • a 1-Up or coin medallion ooh, we got the ~, dude, we picked up the cheeky 50-Coin ↗r; I can get the ~ now ↗r; the good news is, we have to get all of the ~, so this is a level for the fans ↗r → for the fans • (rays) a key who has the key? I need the ~ ↗r • (rays) a power-up I need the extra ~ ↗r

juke intricate, impressive manoeuvres bringing out the ~s; has got the ~s; ~d ↗r; we hit them with the ~s ↗p; can I just ~? ↗r → schmove → hops

jump for joy jumping around to check for dev blocks systematically just gotta keep jumping for joy ↗p → dev

ka the Koopa Troopa Car in the Super Mario 3D World style; referencing the ‘I’m in my mum’s car’ video I guess I’ll take the ~ ↗p

kaizo a genre of level with many advanced tricks • an invisible block ~ block; I got koizo blocked ↗p; if you go in the claw, you get ~d ↗r

key death usually in troll levels, a death after collecting all pink coins, which results in losing the key, and discarding what has been saved with the checkpoint

kinda nice with it (rays) playing very well, playing cleanly Mario is ~ ↗r; we’re kinda moving with it, dude, we’re ~, we’re kinda nice with the movement, we’re kinda schmoving on them ↗r → gaming → schmove

L (mp) the loss I’m gonna take the ~ here ↗p; sometimes you gotta take the ~ ↗p

lag spike (mp) a sudden pause in the connection, making it hard to time button inputs ~ ↗r; all of us got ~d right there ↗p

last-framer a button input executed on the last possible frame oh! that’s a ~ ↗r; that was like a ~ right there ↗r

last-life clutch clearing a level while only having one life left → one-shot Johnson

lefties going left in a split path ooh, a lil ~? ↗p → righties → top

Lemmy’s balls the bouncy balls that Lemmy can make; (also) Lemmy himself we get to play with ~; I don’t care about the skip, I care about ~, though ↗p

lengther a long level this is a ~, man ↗p; definitely a ~ ↗p → chonker → Coconut Mall

life-farm gaining lives by exploiting a combo ~ opportunity ↗p → wombo combo

Like liking a level; if a level is well-designed, unique or creative, it tends to get a Like → Meh → Boo → creative

Link ~ tutorial; ~ level; ~ tutorial level a long level which explains the moveset of the Master Sword power-up through lengthy and often tedious tasks, such as bomb excavations → bomb excavation • a level tag which is reserved for trash levels; it is an unspoken rule to tag a level as ‘Link’ if it is hot garbage and its creator allows people to change the tags of their levels → garbo

Link tutorial → Link

little Timmy a chaotic, low-effort level with much thoughtless enemy and power-up spamming; implying that a ficticious young child created the level; usually contains dev power-ups ~ level; this is probably a ~ classic ↗r; that’s a certified ~ ↗p → dev → garbo

longest level of my life a long level → five years

Lonk (rays) the Link power-up I have a ~ power-up now ↗r

low-grav low-gravity physics, in the sky night theme I have a feeling that my jump is gonna get absolutely destroyed in ~ ↗p

mad on the internet very mad → on the internet → madge

madge mad I am big ~ ↗p; they’re ~ ↗r → sadge

malding portemanteau of ‘mad’ and ‘balding: being so mad about something that your hair figuratively falls out I’m actually ~ → upset on the internet

McDonald’s a very slow internet connection, as if it were a public hotspot am I at ~ WiFi right now? ↗p → chonky

meatball a fireball from a Fire Bro in the Super Mario 3D World style there’s too many ~s! ↗r

Meh an average level that neither gets a Like nor a Boo certified ~; we’ll give it a ~ → Like → Boo

melee grabs (mp) grabbing another player even though they desperately try to prevent this Todd’s got the ~!

mid-air a trick where you drop something in mid-air and jump on it → drop

moment said when a notion characterises a situation a you-hate-to-see-it ~ ↗p; big ~ ↗r; big checkpoint ~ ↗r; checkpoint ~ ↗r; finagle ~ ↗r; is this just a send-it ~? ↗r; Boom Boom ~ ↗r

Mrs. Puff Porcupuffer; is the name of a SpongeBob SquarePants character ~ making an appearance ↗p

mushed up to have obtained a Mushroom I’m ~, though ↗p

my-b my bad; said when taking the blame for a mistake that was a ~ moment ↗p; this is definitely a ~ moment ↗p; that’s a ~ ↗p; ~, ~! ↗r → moment

naked pipe a pipe of which the bottom isn’t covered with blocks, resulting in a harsh and ugly cut-off

nannage → nans straight-up ~ right there ↗p; that’s some ~ right there ↗p

nans shenanigans; unfair or unexpected quirks, or weird tricks that’s some ~ ↗p; we got some ~ going on ↗p; we’ll do some ~, always a fan of the ~ ↗p; I’m gonna get nand here ↗p; I didn’t get a single life from this level, what is this, what are these ~? ↗p • I call ~ ↗p I’m blaming the level • cheesing a level with shenanigans we’re kinda just ~ing this level ↗p → cheese

neko Super Bell, cat suit; is ‘cat’ in Japanese we’ll be a ~ ↗p; rip cat, ~ ↗p

New Soup the New Super Mario Bros. U game style • Japanese ~; it’s always the ~s a level with a Japanese title (or creator), referencing the fact that almost all Japanese levels are in this style • ~ speedrun, Japanese ~ speedrun ↗r; it turned into a ~ speedrun level ↗p a typical speedrun level consisting of tech like spin jumping on a row of Piranha Plants, dodging springboards stacked on clouds, and performing tight wall jumps and duck twirls → tech → springboard → duck twirl

nice with → kinda nice with it

noggin head we used our ~ ↗p; I think I just bopped my ~ ↗r; I bumped my dang ~ ↗r; I bonked my dang ~ ↗r

nomegalul saying ‘no’ to the level’s intended way to play; the omegalul emote can be used to replace the letter O because of its circular shape I’m just gonna say ~ and we’ll see you later ↗p; we’re gonna say ~ to that pipe ↗p → omegalul → cheese

note block white blocks with a music note on them; movement on them is unpredictable, and improper timing can lead to a flaccid jump now we’re in the land of ~s ↗r → block → flaccid

nut Super Acorn we get to be ~; yo, we ~in’? ↗p ↗p; we get to ~ upside down ↗p; we get to reach as ~ ↗p • (rays) said when accomplishing an impressive feat, followed by pressing the nut button ~! ↗r ↗r ↗r → nutter

nutter (rays) someone who is playing insanely well what a ~, dude; this guy’s a ~ ↗r; I’m a ~, dude! ↗r; Luigi’s a gamer dude, he’s a ~ ↗r → nut → gamer

omega extremely, very much I’m actually ~ tilted ↗p; those comments are ~ distracting ↗p; we have to ~ think ↗p

omegalul said when something is very funny; is a Twitch emote → omega → nomegalul

on the internet used as emphasis when describing emotions or actions I’m upset ~; we’re playing video games ~ here

one-shot Johnson completing a level on the first try; referencing the one shot needed to be fully vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine ~ ↗p; a lil ~ action; a lil ~ here ↗p; rip the one-shot ↗p; we have to get the ~ out; you know what that means: ~ coming out ↗p; this looks like a job for ~ here ↗p → two-shot Pfizer → last-life clutch

onion rings the ring-shaped projectiles shot by Wendy → Wendy’s four-for-four

optimal advantageous, the best possible outcome; (usually) fast nice, ~ ↗r; ~ gameplay right there ↗r; that’s almost perfectly ~ ↗r; oh, we got ~ zoomage! ↗r; not even ~, but ~, you know what I’m sayin’? ↗r; do they just have ~ twirlage? ↗r → calculated → tactical → clinical → strat

orb the top of the flagpole the ~! ↗r; ~ acquired ↗r; it’s a juicer, and we get the ~, the ultimate victory ↗r; you have the perfect height for the ~ ↗p

orbie → orb a lil ~ ↗p; we got some ~s ↗p

our boi a (Spiny) Skipsqueak; Panga tries to keep them alive where possible, and sees it as a tragedy when they have to be murdered ~ gets to live; ~ is vibing; ~ making an appearance ↗p; we’re gonna use ~ for science here ↗p → Alabama beach mouse

ovaries it’s ~ ↗p ↗p it’s over → gg → -ies

over-indication when a level has too many indicators, even in places where it’s obvious what to do, which leads to the screen being cluttered → indicator

overdip (rays) to overshoot a target we ~ed, dude!; he overshot it, I think Luigi ~ed, man, he needed the recon chip, but it was too late ↗r → dip

Panga PangaeaPanga

pause-buffer repeatedly pausing and unpausing to get some time to assess a situation and react accordingly ~ strats • ~, fire flower ↗p a trick in the Super Mario Bros. 3 game style: pausing until the fire flower shows up in the goal box, then unpausing and immediately jumping to consistently get a 1-Up

pepega an idiot; referencing a Twitch emote I’m a ~ ↗p; or I’m just an idiot ↗p

perfect stairs jumping on stairs without losing any momentum ~, ~, ~, ~, ~? ↗p → flaccid

perish to die I almost ~ed ↗p • to kill can you just come here, so I could ~ you somehow? ↗p

pick-a-path a frowned-upon level element that presents a number of paths to take, of which only one leads to progress, and the rest to death; which one is the correct one, is unpredictable, but it’s often the penultimate option pick-a-door; pick-a-pipe; they’re throwing in the ~ → garbo

piggie the Oink sound effect, which occurs as a task in bingo yo, ~? ↗p → bingo

pixel art raster images created using course parts in different colours, usually to make a level thumbnail interesting

planted hit by a Piranha Plant suddenly coming out of a pipe I’m surprised we didn’t get ~ there ↗p; oho! he got ~ ↗r

playing video games playing very well I’m ~ ↗p; we’re ~ on the internet; hold on, wait a minute, this guy’s ~ ↗p → gaming → schmove

PlayStation wizard (usually plural) Magikoopa the ~ ↗p; not the ~s! ↗p

Pom Poms in your area Pom Pom local ~; you gotta throw in the Bum Bum and the ~? ↗p → Bum Bum

POW drop → drop I’m bad with ~s ↗p

power-up level (rays mp) a level in which obtaining a power-up is worthwhile; that is, the advantage of being able to take more risks outweighs the time loss of getting the power-up seems like a ~ ↗r ↗r ↗r; you know why we’re in the lead now? I’ll tell you: because this is a ~ ↗r

PowerPoint presentation (mp) said when the frame rate is very low, as if it were a slideshow what is with this ~? please move to the next slide ↗p

predicament an inconvenient situation this is looking like a ~ ↗p; this is a ~ ↗p → shambles

prego the lava in castle-themed levels; sometimes the poison in jungle-themed levels, though this is debated ↗p ~ sauce; the ~ is rising ↗p; I think we just race the ~ ↗p; we’re getting pasta-sauced, got the ~ ↗p → grape

program the level viewer application, which allows you to see the entire level layout; usually to find dev blocks, or the right path in a pick-a-path ↗p certified ~ level ↗p; this one is definitely a ~-certified level ↗p; extremely stupid, but not ~ stupid ↗p

progressive a power-up that’s a Mushroom if the player is small, and the actual power-up otherwise now I got a Fire Flower, ~ ↗p

proper capitalization title casing in a level name; Panga postulates that these levels will more likely be good because the creator already put effort into the title okay, alliteration and ~, it has to be good ↗p; the signs of a good level usually are ~ ↗p; you see right there, you see that ~? watch ↗p → creative → formula

pure domination (mp) dominating a match that was in fact ~ ↗p; is this ~ by your boi? ↗p

quality-of-life elements such as checkpoints, reset doors, or dispensing pipes that make the level more enjoyable to play wow, they give you ~ stuff? that’s when you know it’s a good level ↗p

Rays Raysfire

red coin extravaganza a level with many pink coins, where it is required to obtain each one to proceed; usually a long level with many (small) challenges or it’s a ~ ↗p; you always gotta throw in the ~ ↗p

refreshing level a genre of level with many impulses, visuals and sound effects, requiring you to only do simple tasks such as ground pounding or holding right; often appears in the ‘popular levels’ tab, to the frustration of many

ride the Cloud or Koopa Clown Car that belongs to an enemy • I’m gonna take this guy’s ~; we’re gonna take your ~ to defeat the enemy inside to use its ride • I missed my ~ ↗p; time to wait for our ~ ↗p to be late and miss a transport vehicle, usually on tracks, requiring you to either wait until it comes back or reset the room

righties going right in a split path ~? ↗p → lefties

ripperino (rays) a death; a loss ~ ↗r; that’s gonna be a ~ for your boi ↗r; we’re gonna have to chalk this one up to a ~ ↗r → -erino

rookie mistake a mistake that inexperienced players typically make he gave me the boost, ~ ↗r; he got baited by the checkpoint, ~ ↗r

round up to give a level the better rating when in doubt between two I’ll ~ ↗p ↗p; it gets in-between a Meh and a Like, but we ~ ↗p → round down → Like → Meh → Boo

round down to give a level the worse rating when in doubt between two → round up → Like → Meh → Boo

sadge sad that’s ~ ↗p; amen, brother, that’s a ~r ↗p → madge

scamaze scammed I got ~d ↗p; actual ~ ↗p; oho! ~d ↗r → joshed → jebaited

schmoney the way to go that felt like the ~ ↗p → strat

schmove moving impressively; (often) pressing different buttons in quick succession, such as quickly alternating between facing left and right Todd’s got the ~s; look at these ~s, though ↗p; they’re all ~ing, dude ↗r; the way to keep the Boos moving is to ~ ↗p; you see the ~s on this lady ↗r; Toad with the absolute ~s on that guy ↗r; your boi’s out here making ~s ↗r; Toad do be ~in’ ↗r → schmovement → schmoveage

schmoveage impressive movement this Goomba’s got the ~ ↗p; that’s it right there, that’s the ~ ↗p; the ~ on this guy, man ↗p; the ~ by your boi ↗p → schmove → -age

schmovement → schmove ~ ↗r ↗r ↗r

scuffed messed up this is ~ ↗r ↗r; there’s two ways to cheese this room, so it’s kinda a little ~ ↗p; this level is mad ~ ↗r; she got the ~ door exit, dude ↗r; that would’ve been a little ~ ↗p; I’ve never ~ something harder in my life ↗r; the Japanese New Soup speedrun levels are like ninety-nine percent ~ ↗r • to mess up I ~ it ↗r; ~! ↗r

send to commit to a choice, such as jumping as far as possible in an attempt to cheese a level, or to keep holding right in a versus level, hoping it will turn out advantageously pressin’ ~; full ~; ~ it; we’re gonna press ~ here ↗p; we’re ~ing it from the top row ↗p; just ~ it ↗r → commit → cheese

shambles → in shambles this is ~ ↗r

shoulder presses repeatedly ducking while carrying an object with the SMB2 Mushroom, which makes it look like the character is doing reps I guess we’ll do some ~ while we wait ↗p

shud Raysfire; originated from a misinterpretation of ‘rayshud’ keep it together, ~ ↗r; huge moment here for Mr. ~ ↗r; don’t choke it, Mr. ~! ↗r

sicknasty fantastic this level is ~

skedaddle to make haste we just gotta ~ ↗p

-skies (modifier) a decorative suffix that changes a term to an uncountable noun or an adverb; for words with one syllable that end in a non-velar plosive, like ‘t’ or ‘p’ it’s time to do some nut~ ↗p; top~; hop~; dub~; hopefully we’re done~ ↗r → -ies → -age → action

skull block Lava Lift → block

smart they’re ~! ↗p; you’re ~! ↗p said when a level creator added cheese prevention → cheese

snake block Snake Block; generally disliked for its unpredictability and the fact that it’s required to constantly pay attention a lil ~ ↗p; shout-outs to the ~s ↗r → block → Desert Bus

sneaky a tight manoeuvre a lil ~ there! → schmove → finagle

snipe impressively hitting a target; executing a trick shot did you see that ~? ↗r; we want to probably just try to ~ these ↗r → airball → what a shot

softlock being stuck; a state in which making progress or dying is impossible, and where restarting or timing out is the only way out; widely considered bad design → thumbnail shot

Spike (green enemy) Spike; to avoid confusion with ‘spike trap’ it was the ball and the spike combo, but not ~ ↗r

spikevegeta Spike; is the name of a speedrunner ~! ↗p → spiky boi → Spike (green enemy)

spiky boi spike ball; Spike → spikevegeta → Spike (green enemy)

spin to win spin jumping or twirling ~! ↗p; it’s teaching us to ~ ↗p

spring drop → springboard → drop

springboard Trampoline • a sideways Trampoline in a note block above the player, which immediately gets acivated at the beginning of a speedrun level, to quickly get the player to max speed the ~ actually worked ↗p

squad → gang • (rays) the fans this could be rough for the ~ ↗r; a little PB for the ~ ↗r → fans

stack a stack of enemies the ~! ↗r ↗p; oh! death by ~ ↗r

stage (rays) level; course this looks like a good ~ right here, dude ↗r; who created this monstrosity of a ~? ↗r

staples guy Hop-Chop

step-back said when a Koopaling or Bowser Jr. hops back to dodge an attack the ~ ↗r ↗p → James Harden → BJR → hops → juke

Steve → we’ll play Steve

strat strategy speedrun ~s strategies to clear a level faster → optimal

streak Like ~; Boo ~; Meh ~ a number of consecutive levels that got the same rating in Endless mode

stuck the landing (mp) said when a player lands after the match has ended, which causes button inputs to be ignored, so the player stands still after landing ~! ↗p

stunlock being stunned continuously, unable to counteract this is the perfect ~ ↗p; he was just ~ed for ten years ↗r

suited up in a high power-up state, which allows the player to take many hits of damage before dying; usually with a tier-two power-up and protective gear such as a boot or a helmet I’m kinda ~, man, I got a shellmet and a Mushie and a 1-Up ↗p; Mrs. Puff is actually OP in this game, she can murder you even if you’re fully ~ ↗p

supidoran Japanese for ‘speedrun’; occurs in level titles, which Panga reads out loud → Japanese New Soup

tactical thought-out and advantageous; occasionally said after an accident, to pretend it was intended → optimal → calculated ~! ↗p; ~ throw; ~ bonk ↗p; ~ damage-boost ↗p; ~ d-boost ↗p → throw → bonk → damage-boost

take sb’s ride → ride

take the L → L

take the W → W

teabag (mp) repeatedly ducking to mock or disrespect someone we hit him with the ~ ↗p; she ~ed when she won ↗p

tech technical movement, or a certain technique, which may be necessary to clear a level I think that’s the ~; I know this ~ ↗p; a lil New Soup speedrun ~ there ↗r • they don’t know about the ~! said when doing something that the level creator wasn’t aware of → cheese

tech flub messing up tech even with the ~, how much time does the Star save us? ↗r; what a tech ~, man ↗r → tech → flub

technology → tech we have the ~ ↗p ↗p; we have downloaded the ~ ↗p → download

ten 10-Coin → fifty → thirty

ten years (rays) a very long time this level is ~ long ↗r; it’s one of these levels that’s five thousand years long ↗r → five years

the balls collided said when two Spike balls or snowballs collide

the promised land the goal; said when riding an object take me to ~ ↗r → going the distance → ride

the Toad (rays) Toad ~ has the lead ↗r; ~ was right there, man, ~ has been defeated on this day ↗r; we must take out ~ ↗r → the Toadette

the Toadette (rays) Toadette where is ~? ↗r; eliminate ~ ↗r → the Toad

thicc Big Mushroom yo, we ~, though? ↗p; ~ness; we get to be ~, with two c’s ↗p; we got down the ~ness ↗p → chonky → huge → wide

thirty 30-Coin → fifty → ten

thread the needle → holeage threaded the needle! ↗r ↗r

three-lifer a level that gives three lives in Endless okay, ~ ↗p → juicer ~? ↗p

throw making mistakes; consistently playing badly I’m ~ing ↗p; I’m actually ~ing; I kinda threw right there ↗p; I think I win this unless I ~ ↗r; dont ~! ↗r → tilt • ~ing for content; content ~ ↗r intentionally making mistakes to generate more video content

thumbnail shot an interesting situation which may become the thumbnail of a YouTube video, with the goal to make people engage more likely let’s get softlocked for a ~ ↗p; don’t worry, it’s not a softlock, but I can use it as a ~ maybe ↗p → softlock

THX short for ‘thanks (for playing)’, written in blocks at the end of a level; Panga tends to like it when levels include this, and it’s a large determining factor in deciding whether the level gets a Like it has a ~, though; yo, ~ too? ↗p

tilt being annoyed, usually as a result of messing up simple things now I’m ~ed, I’m actually omega ~ed ↗p; maximum ~ → throw → untilt

time-out banger (mp) the song playing on the purple screen after a match ending in a time-out or a give-up ~! ↗r; I’m gonna get a ~ here ↗p

title screen level one of the ten Nintendo-made levels that appear on the title screen of the game, which serve as defaults in the level editor; Panga tends to dislike remakes of title screen levels for the lack of creativity make your own levels! → Boo

Toads vs. Bros. (mp) when, in a versus match, two players grab two other players, forming two teams: one of Toad and Toadette (Toads), the other of Mario and Luigi (Bros.) a lil ~ action, I’m down ↗r; 2-v-2, 2-v-2, a little ~? ↗r → Bros. vs. Todds

Todd Toad hello, ~ ↗r → the Toad → Toddette

Toddette Toadette → the Toadette → Todd

top the top option when faced with a choice to pick the top or bottom path I’m a ~ ↗p; ~skies; ~s; ~sies → -skies → -ies • the top of the flagpole we got denied the ~

top row → from the top row

Touhou a situation where many projectiles are flying through the air and the goal is to dodge them; referencing a game where this occurs a lot this is like ~, right? ↗r; I’m playing the dang ~s right now ↗r

toxic Super Hammer yo, we ~? ↗p; it looks like we’re gonna be ~ here ↗p • (mp) countering others, playing purely out of self-interest; e.g. grabbing the flag before others got the chance to catch up, causing them to lose more versus points I didn’t mean to touch the pole, that’s ~ ↗r → gremlin

troubles → issues we’re having some ~

true ending ending the level with additional rewards, which are only given out when a condition is met, such having a key or being in a power-up state → cake → flaccid

tube (rays) a pipe; a glass pipe into the ~ ↗r; into the ~ we go ↗r → tuber → tubes

tuber someone who watches the summaries on YouTube any ~s? ↗p; the ~ commenters, man, they really find a way to poop on me for every not Like or Boo or Meh ↗p → tubes → Twitcher • (rays) a glass pipe is this a ~ level? ↗r; ~ moment ↗r

tubes YouTube that one’s for the ~ ↗p → tuber → tube

Twitcher someone who watches the livestreams on Twitch → tuber

two-bucket a two-tile wide gap in which a shell gets trapped bouncing back and forth, for the player to jump on ~ ↗p ↗p → kaizo

two-for-one special hitting two enemies at the same time the ~! ↗r ↗p ↗p

two-shot Pfizer completing a level on the second try, referencing the two shots needed for a full vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine → one-shot Johnson

uno más a level needing tech to clear it, often a glitch or a clever trick; it means ‘one more’ in Spanish, referencing Mario Maker streamer CarlSagan42’s former habit of not being able to stop playing such levels, and humourously saying ‘one more’ after each one → tech

untilt to calm down; to stop being tilted give me a minute, I need to ~ my dude ↗r → tilt

up-button the up direction on the d-pad of the Pro Controller, which is sometimes accidentally triggered or released due to its design my ~ just destroyed me; up!; I got ~ed; okay, ~, thanks, buddy ↗p

upset on the internet very upset I’m ~ → on the internet

vibe when an enemy is vibing, it is just being present, without necessarily affecting gameplay I think these guys are just ~ing ↗p; the Koopas are ~ing ↗p; he’s ~ing out ↗p; I’m just gonna let him ~ ↗r; look at that Boo just ~ing ↗p

vibe with when you vibe with a level, you have a good feel for it I’m vibing with this level right now ↗r; I’m feeling this level, man, I’m vibing with it ↗r; we vibe with this ↗p; this level is a little chaotic, but I vibe with it ↗r; this level looks very creative, I’m vibing with this level ↗p

W (mp) the win it was the ~, dude! ↗r; I will take the ~, thank you very much ↗r; there it is, team, we got the ~ ↗r; that is a spicy ~ ↗r → dub

we get to be (+ adjective) we obtained ~ chonky → we get to play as a

we get to play as a (+ noun) we obtained ~ Happy Meal we obtained a Propeller Box • am I playing as a Goomba in Super Mario Maker 2? ↗r → we get to be

we take those said when obtaining helpful items, usually juice → juice

we’ll play Steve we’ll play without cheating, without looking for shortcuts or cheese ~ ↗p ↗p ↗p ↗p ↗p

weapon (mp) a shell, to be used offensively against another player we have a ~; he’s got a ~ ↗p

Wendy’s four-for-four Wendy; referencing the ‘Wendy’s 4 for $4’ fast food deal I don’t have time for the ~ ↗p → onion rings

what a shot said when something hits its target dead-on ~! ↗p ↗p → snipe

what in the heck (rays) exclamation of surprise ~? ↗r ↗r ↗r

whiff a mistake that was the biggest ~ of my life ↗p • to make a mistake I kinda ~ed that ↗p → throw

wide Big Mushroom → chonky → huge → thicc

widepeepoHappy Big Mushroom; is a Twitch emote → wide

William → Bullet William → Banzai William we’re bringing the ~s out, heck ’em over, ~! ↗r

winnable (rays) when a match is winnable, you can win it, even if you’re not ahead ~! ↗r; it’s always ~ ↗r; it’s ~, we can still win this ↗r; this is ~, dude! ↗r

wombo combo an uninterrupted combination of attacks to defeat an enemy we can hit him with the ~ right here ↗p • repeatedly jumping on enemies without touching the ground → life-farm

worth worth it that was ~, actually ↗r; actually kinda ~ ↗p

yatta an exclamation of extacy; is ‘hooray’ in Japanese ~, ~, ~! ↗p

yeet → send or I say nomegalul and we go a lil ~skies ↗p; ~! ↗r; → nomegalul • to throw something far we got the ~ ↗r; one more ~ ↗p; Toddette ~ed that hella ↗p

yoink steal did I just ~ that? I think I just ~ed it, dude ↗r; a little ~ there ↗r; you’re trying to ~ my power-up, lady? ↗r; I just ~ed that guy’s power-up ↗r; he got ~ed, though! ↗r; you really trying to ~ me, dude? ↗r → yoinkage

yoinkage (rays) the act of yoinking; stealing something from under someone’s nose quick ~ ↗r; he got the mid-air ~ ↗r; a lil last-second ~ right there, dude, you love to see it ↗r → yoink → -age

Yoshman Yoshi we’ll save the ~ ↗p; we murdered the ~; he’s opting to go for the ~ ↗r; she got the ~ ↗r; I think this is where we part ways with the ~ ↗p; hello ~, how are you doing? ↗p

your boi yours truly; myself ~! ↗r ↗p; calculated by ~; tactical d-boost by ~ ↗p; ~’s got the schmoves; like ~ said ↗p; straight to the finish line for ~ ↗r → your girl

your girl (occasionally) ‘your boi’ when playing as Toadette by ~ ↗p; they’re accelerating a little bit earlier than ~ ↗r → your boi

zee a Z indicator, usually made out of tracks, indicating that a trigger or shoulder button needs to be pressed to e.g. spin jump ~! that’s what we like to see; ~, good ~, huge fan ↗p → indicator

zoom to go fast we’re ~in’, dude! ↗r → zoomer

zoomer something or someone going fast he’s a ~! ↗p; these guys are ~s, what the heck? ↗p → zoom

The Chonker
by ↗ Casper de With
updated 18 March 2022

Source code on ↗ GitHub

This work is licensed under a ↗ Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License